The value of nature

Everything that we have here today is thanks to nature. Our houses, cars, smart phones, televisions, laptops and countless of other examples all exist because of nature’s contribution. Steel, iron copper, aluminium and nickel are few of the numerous natural resources which make it possible to produce practically every modern convenience we have here today. A flashy powerful sports car such as a Ferrari, the latest IPhone or a 30 inch HD television set. All of those products are put together with the use of natural resources. That is of course, logical and easy to understand. However, in the ‘consumer’ world we live in today, it is easy to forget just how essential nature is to our modern comforts. Our infrastructure of rails, roads, bridges, shipping lanes which facilitate the flow of goods and services we make use of every day. Just think about the food in the supermarket as an example.

Without the proper infrastructure, without natural resources it would not be possible to have the supermarkets filled with meat, confectionery (chocolates, ice creams, lollipops etc.), vegetables and all kinds of other stuff that we ‘depend’ on a daily basis. Obviously, without people all of that wouldn’t be possible either. Therefore, our modern comforts are made possible by a combination of people and natural resources which are driven by many forces which have influenced/affected our advance/growth/evolution as a human species. Without nature, we wouldn’t have even existed…

That all may sound very logical, however, the reason why it is important to understand and realise how valuable nature is to our lives is because we can then really ‘assign’ a true value of nature’s worth to us. Once we really become aware of the essentials nature provides us, we (will) appreciate it more and as a result, we can adapt ourselves in trying to improve the environment. Obviously, for some it is easier to improve nature (for example, farmers, conservationists) then others for example, a truck driver or an accountant. However, improving nature is not necessarily about planting a dozen trees or donating money to Greenpeace. It’s is about improve or change whatever you can. For example, buying more sustainable products, or leaving the car at home and go by bicycle to work. How small it may seem, every little thing helps.















Over jasonclarke93

Dear reader, welcome to my blog. My name is Jason Clarke I'm 21 years old and I live near Eindhoven (Netherlands). I am an International Business and Management student at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven. I have always been interested in the world and how it is rapidly changing. That's the reason why I am blogging about the issues that affect us globally. I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs and please feel free to contact me!
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