Learn from the past, look to the future

How will the future look like for me, us, everyone?
Is the future going to be good or bad?
Those kinds of questions we tend to ask ourselves regularly.     testa

For some, the future will be whatever it may become. For others, it is important to look ahead in order to plan ahead. Whatever the case, both views treated in each, separate way is not the best way for a future perspective.

To explain what I mean, consider this example:

Student A wishes to graduate from college with A grades only. Therefore, he plans to learn every day for 3 hours, 5 days a week.

Student B wishes also to graduate with A grades if possible, but does not fixate herself on achieving those A grades, and therefore she learns whenever she feels like it and does not restrict herself from anything.

Student A does well in his study for his grades, but after 6 weeks, he’s exhausted and the 7th week (exam week) he underperforms and does not achieve his desired A grades.

Result: Bitterly disappointed and has no motivation anymore to carry on and quits the course.

Student B unfortunately, gets bad grades because of her attitude towards planning ahead for her study. Result: Very disappointed lack of motivation and also quits the course.

Moral of this story: Both ways of looking into the future are no good if taken separately.
However, if we combine those two views of ‘dealing’ with the future, then it will look totally different. The reason for that is that flexibility and planning go hand in hand when you wish to achieve a set goal in the future. Indeed, some people do not concern themselves to much with planning ahead and just go with the flow and regard the future as ‘destiny’ to be filled in for them.
The other extreme is when people are fixated with planning ahead in order to ‘wipe out’ any uncertainties the future may hold. Both examples are two sides of the ‘future spectrum’ which individually may suit person based on his or her personality. That in itself is not bad, as long as it works. However, I personally believe that being flexible in planning ahead and being prepared to adapt to unexpected circumstances is the best way to reach your goals.


Over jasonclarke93

Dear reader, welcome to my blog. My name is Jason Clarke I'm 21 years old and I live near Eindhoven (Netherlands). I am an International Business and Management student at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven. I have always been interested in the world and how it is rapidly changing. That's the reason why I am blogging about the issues that affect us globally. I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs and please feel free to contact me!
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