The world of consumerism

These days, we are overloaded with countless of products and services which dominate the Mindless_Consumerism_by_cityofthemolepeople-192vr4x (Western) culture of consumerism. The shops are packed with ‘unlimited’ amounts of food (different types of meat, vegetables, cereals, chocolates, drinks, snacks). Large shopping malls stacked with clothes, electronic devices (gadgets, smartphones, TV’s, laptops etc.)

The almost unlimited choice of different types of goods and a wide range of services have enriched our lives with ‘affordable’, convenient, easy-to-purchase and widely accessible range of nearly everything we need to satisfy our needs. However, how much or many products do we need until we are at the point of (full) satisfaction? Does the effort of purchasing more and more products make our lives happier and more meaningful? If we did not buy so much stuff, we would be less happy? In my opinion, I don’t think so. Products do only satisfy our basic needs (food, water, clothing) and also our secondary needs (TV, laptop, phone) until a certain extent. Because in the end, we all need someone to love, family, friends and maybe even more importantly: our well-being, happiness and health that result from being around people, undertaking physical activities (sport), and appreciating nature.

Of course, we appreciate the broad choice and range of different types of products and services that make our lives easier, more comfortable and convenient, but in the end well-being, happiness and health is what counts the most. Therefore, consuming unnecessarily because we think it would make our lives better is a misunderstanding and being around people, doing things and appreciating nature is what we really should be doing.


Over jasonclarke93

Dear reader, welcome to my blog. My name is Jason Clarke I'm 21 years old and I live near Eindhoven (Netherlands). I am an International Business and Management student at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven. I have always been interested in the world and how it is rapidly changing. That's the reason why I am blogging about the issues that affect us globally. I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs and please feel free to contact me!
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