Do you know what you eat?

Many different kinds of food that is available these days is prepared in such a way that it can be preserved longer using sugar or salt. Also, the majority of the available food in supermarkets or prepared by (fast-food) restaurants is covered in fat.  People are busier these days and that’s also one of the reasons why food is mostly prepared fast, cheap and is covered in sugar, fat or salt.

Obviously, people can choose for themselves what kind of food to buy; but because fast-food is simple to prepare and cheap to buy, they choose that option. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a good idea of how bad fast-food is for our health. Therefore, I listed several fast-food iteburger_1498640cms with the amount of fat, salt or sugar they carry.

Pizza 2000+ calories 86.1 g fat 36.4 g sugars
Cheeseburger 300 calories   12 g fat 7 g sugars
French Fries medium portion 380 calories   19 g fat No sugars
Kebab 1000+ calories   62.3 g fat 5.9 g salt

It’s understandable that everyone enjoys eating a pizza, hamburger or a kebab, but what many people don’t really consider is the fact that it’s very easy to gain weight that way, especially if you are unaware how many calories it’s advised a man or a woman should have daily.
The daily advised calorie intake for a man is: 2500 calories
The daily advised calorie intake for a woman is: 2000 calories

To look at it another way; to burn off one whole pizza requires the following:
• 663 minutes of walking or;
• 273 minutes of jogging or;
• 199 minutes of swimming or;
• 365 minutes of cycling

Now obviously people are not going to say to themselves: “I won’t eat fast-food anymore because it’s bad for my health”. That’s an extreme way of thinking. However, it’s handy if people have a good idea of the food they eat consists of.

Eating too fast

Another point that is interesting to look at is the fact that many people eat quite fast these days. The following article published by the Daily Mail explains it:

‘’Eat too fast and you’re much more likely to become obese. That was the finding of a New Zealand study published last week. In fact, wolfing down meals could be enough to nearly double your risk of being overweight, according to a previous Japanese study.

Osaka University monitored the eating habits of 3,000 people and found fast-eating men were 84 per cent more likely to be overweight (women were just over twice as likely).

Eating too fast overrides the mechanisms which tell our brains we’re full, explains Ian McDonald, professor of metabolic physiology at Nottingham University.

‘Nerves send signals to the brain that the stomach is expanding,’ he says.
‘At the same time, a hormone called ghrelin, produced when your stomach empties to trigger a hunger message, starts to decrease. It takes about 20 minutes after you start eating for the message to stop eating to reach your brain.

Put simply, eat too quickly, and you’re likely to overfill your stomach and overeat.

‘Many people develop these fast-eating habits as children, desperate to get away from the dinner table — it’s amazing how these habits can be carried through to adulthood.’

WHAT TO DO: If you chew your food properly you should take at least 20 minutes over your meal, says Dr Forecast.

Dr Forecast also suggests standing up at some point during your meal to test how full you are.
‘If you feel comfortable but not over-full when you stand, then you’ve eaten enough.’
Source: Daily Mail (

Cheap fast-food is for many people an easy option to go for when it comes to having a quick meal. Everyone does that sometimes, but many people are not fully aware of the amount of calories fast-food contains. Being unaware of that and not knowing how many calories it’s advised a man or a woman should have daily can lead to gaining too much weight. Furthermore, many people eat fast these days which also contributes to weight gain as there are likely to overfill their stomach and overeat.


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