Where is the spirit in our modern society?

Sometimes I ask myself: “Do people really care about each other?” I often wonder what motivates people to help other people. Is it because they really want to help the other person; or do they help because they expect something in return from them in the future?

Although people help each other to show that they care and are good natured, the real underlying reason why they do that is because they except to benefit from it in the future. That is indeed quite logical to understand as it is in our human nature to help ourselves by helping others. However, doing things for other people does not always result in people doing something in return. It seems that it occurs more often that people have done something for other people whilst getting nearly nothing in return. That is a real growing problem in our society these days and the following reasons may explain that.

      • From secondary school we are taught to be strong and independent

(Children that reach the age of 16 are taught  by both their parents and school that they have to become strong and independent for themselves as it is a part of being an adult). The problem of that is that there can be a misunderstanding amongst teenagers of what independence actually means. They may start to think that it means that they have to sort out everything for themselves and if they ask for help, then that is a sign of being dependent, thus not an adult.

      • People are more busy with themselves then thinking about other people

(Apart from family and friends, most people do not concern themselves too much about helping other people)

      • The real hard-working era is gone and things are becoming easier all the time

(Since the birth of the internet in the 1990’s, things have become allot easier and therefore people don’t have to work as hard as they used to. That way, they become more relaxed and laid back and are not really bothered to put in the effort to do things or solve problems. Although the above mentioned reasons give a negative impression of the lack of motivation for people to help each other, there are plenty of reasons why people do and should help each other;

      • Nothing is possible without cooperation

(Everything we have or own these days is because we have worked together to make, build or create it)

      • Helping each other gives a sense of team spirit, belonging, harmony and social cohesion

(When people help each other, they are brought closer together which gives them a feeling of being appreciated and looked after)

      • Humanity has progressed only through working together

(Our social welfare system, roads, houses, infrastructure, education and security is all thanks to the cooperative effort of many people wanting to improve they way they live together.

Although the internet has made everything much easier for us, we must not forget to think about each other. People have and always will need help and therefore everyone must be open, caring and helpful towards each other because that is the only way we can live in peace and harmony.

Working together


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Dear reader, welcome to my blog. My name is Jason Clarke I'm 21 years old and I live near Eindhoven (Netherlands). I am an International Business and Management student at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven. I have always been interested in the world and how it is rapidly changing. That's the reason why I am blogging about the issues that affect us globally. I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs and please feel free to contact me!
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