The refugee problem

Tens of thousands of refugees are fleeing their countries in search for safety. They are massively entering Europe where they face no more danger and where peace, stability, work; a better life is the ultimate purpose.

We’ve all seen or read stories on the news about refugees on overcrowded boats trying to cross the Mediterranean in the hope they safely arrive in Europe. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong such as when a boat capsizes and people drown. This is indeed very tragic. Some people (Europeans) say that it’s the risk they take coming over here. That is indeed true, but we should help them as much as we can.APTOPIX-Italy-Europe-Migrants-6

Now obviously there are quite a few dilemmas such as:

  • “How do we take in all these refugees?”
  • “How much money, resources, military personnel etc. must we allocate to tackle this problem?”

Well, the European governments have been discussing these problems and have come up with various (contrary) ‘’solutions’’’. On the one hand (West)-European countries are willing to help these refugees by giving them special aid in terms of accommodating them in refugee centres. On the other hand, they are intensifying their border controls and clamping down on refugees.

The real dilemma in my opinion is that the main problem is the following:
We already have many migrants from both (East) European and non-European countries and now thousands more are heading our way. The question then follows;

Do we have the capacity and resources to accommodate them all?
The painful answer is no; we don’t have the capacity nor resources to take in tens of thousands of refugees. Therefore, it is crucial to take in these refugees in small numbers at a time. However, then the next problem emerges;

How do we take in refugees in small numbers?
This is the core problem. Whilst thousands upon thousands of refugees are fleeing to Europe, how do we ensure that they come in at a moderate pace?

Well, what we really should be doing in my opinion is not to keep endlessly debating about the “refugee crisis’’ but to take action by (as already agreed upon) spreading the refugees across European countries. Also, (and I really admire this) Europeans who are willing to house refugees should really start doing this.

Although, I can position myself in the refugees shoes and can image how hard life is to flee your home country in the search for safety, there are certain things that they need to take into account;

Once they’ve arrived safely in Europe and have settled in, then they should integrate as soon as possible.

This means the following:

  • Find a job and learn the language (or at least English)
  • Adapt to the culture by learning the customs of that particular country

In all, I believe that we should not circumvent the refugee problem, but face it as a fact and deal it in a swift and orderly manner. Now, I know that this is easier said than done, but endlessly debating about the whole ‘’crisis’’ is not going to help. Therefore, we should do everything we can to try to help the refugees as much as possible. Because there isn’t much of an alternative as many of the refugees come from politically instable countries or crisis zones.


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